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"Dr. Bell along with his amazing staff are so professional, friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Not only do they create an atmosphere that relieves stress and anxiety of normal routine visits that I have during doctor's visit but tailor each of the treatments to my needs. I was diagnosed with scoliosis, bulging disc and pinched nerves which resulted in knee pain. Spinal Fusion Surgery has been recommended by a reputable Neurosurgeon in Baton Rouge but I refuse to settle for that answer. Dr. Bell has assured me after reviewal of X-Rays & Evaluations surgery should be the last resort and that there are other alternatives to help combat the pain but treat the root cause of my issues. Looking forward to my upcoming visits for more relief and hopefully getting back to my normal activities."

- Melonie M.

"After one visit my left shoulder felt better, I can lift my arm with minimum discomfort, Dr. Bell is a great chiropractor, I recommend him very highly."

- Victoria A.

"I enjoy the atmosphere, everyone is nice and friendly! I am guaranteed a laugh. I'm greeted with a smile from the receptionist, Deon, the ladies when you go in the back are very nice and sweet, Dr. Bell is so hilarious he's good at taking care of his patients. Just an overall great experience when you go there. I would recommend Capitol Spine and Rehabilitation to anyone."

- Demetria H.

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