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Dr. Gerald Bell, our Baton Rouge LA chiropractor is pioneering new protocols with the Focus Unit, an advanced technology based on neurofeedback. This system uses specific pulsed light and sound to help retrain the brain for ideal function. The Clear Mind Focus Unit protocols to help eliminate stuck neurologic patterns in the central and peripheral nervous system. Freeing these patterns allows a person to recover more completely from injuries, traumas or imbalances in the brain.

The Focus Unit is a hand-held, portable technology which builds on the advances in brain retraining documented with neurofeedback. The system uses pulsating sound and light frequencies to help balance brain function. The Focus Unit optimizes brain stability and function by using over 50 programs designed to train the brain to work at peak states. The custom, individualized settings for the sound and light frequencies deliver stimulation directly to the brain. To aid in this process, one of six different colors of light are used to create states of calm (blue or green) to stimulating (yellow, orange, red, infrared, and white).

The functional programs that run the Focus Unit are based on the same programs that neurofeedback, its parent technology uses. This technology is not designed to map out the brain or do neurofeedback. It is, however, reported by people who use it to improve memory, comprehension, mental endurance, and recovery; while others report the system leaves them with a greater sense of general wellbeing and peace.

Focus Unit sessions require 30-to-60-minutes, repeated multiple times per week. After 20 to 40 hours of light and sound sessions, people have reported permanent favorable changes in brain function and mood.

If you are looking to help optimize your brain and mood by using any of the more than 50 different built-in programs, call us today and set up your first series of Focus Unit training sessions today.

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