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Chiropractic Baton Rouge LA Concussion

Concussion Testing - Brain Health IQ in Baton Rouge LA.

RightEye is Leading the Science! RightEye has pushed eye-tracking science into areas previously unexplored with more than 15 published articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Concussion, Journal of Sports and Performance Vision, Optometry and Vision Performance, and many more.

Validate Treatment & Increase Compliance

The FDA-cleared RightEye Vision System:

  • Validate and illustrate pre-and-post rehabilitation program results
  • Quickly and objectively identify eye-movement related impairments
    Combine ocular testing with body positional changes to better understand vestibular and balance issues
  • Improve patient commitment to treatment with easy-to-take tests and easy-to-understand results
  • Convert more consultations into longer-term, more compliant patients

A Report that Quantifies, Illustrates, and Astounds in Baton Rouge LA

Chiropractic Baton Rouge LA Dynamic Vision Report

The Dynamic Vision module produces a graphical, patient-friendly report that:

  • Illustrates eye movements and vision tracking
  • Tells a story of dynamic vision health
  • Helps evaluate patients and recommend treatment
  • Assigns a customized training program for ongoing care

The RightEye Vision System™ is the world's first commercialized eye-tracking solution for general healthcare and wellness is nothing like traditional vision tests.

It is a proven, easy-to-use system, steeped in science and applicable for optometry, medicine, education, and sports. Every day. For everyone.

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