Game Ready Pro 2.1 Cold & Compression System
IN Baton Rouge LA

Chiropractic Baton Rouge LA Game Ready

Game Ready brings you advanced technology for recovery after injury or surgery. The proven, portable Game Ready Pro 2.1 cold and compression system can help reduce opioid consumption, decrease pain and swelling, increase post-op range of motion, and may increase satisfaction with the recovery process. For the first few weeks immediately after surgery, when inflammation is at its peak, try using a Game Ready System with a shoulder, elbow, knee, and/or ankle wrap to help control pain, swelling, and edema.

The Game Ready Pro 2.1 cold and compression system in Baton Rouge LA brings you integrated treatment options - including cold therapy, heat therapy, rapid contrast therapy, and intermittent compression therapy.

What does Game Ready Pro 2.1 cold and compression system in Baton Rouge LA offer?

It offers the therapeutic power to enhance lymphatic function, encourage blood flow, and help stimulate tissue repair. It works more effectively than using an ice pack only, because it combines both cold therapy and compression therapy. It consists of a machine that circulates cold water through a wrap or sleeve that can be wrapped around the affected area. The most common recommendation is to use cold therapy at least 4 times a day, for approximately 20-30 minutes each time, with at least a 30-minute break between treatments.

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