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The epidemic only chiropractors can solve

Among the millions of patients who enter a chiropractic office in Baton Rouge LA  this year, almost all of them will have less than ideal spinal curves, and a majority will have the #1 tell-tall signs of poor spinal curves.

  • forward head posture
  • tight upper-traps
  • rounded shoulders
  • a depressed rib cage

After a few months of chiropractic care, many of those same patients will feel much better and healthier, but have the same, less-than-healthy curves, and the same forward head posture.

They will go back to a job that forces them to sit for extended periods of time. And they will return to a home where they spend most of their free time slumped in front of a screen, whether it’s a television, a laptop, or a smart phone.

Their lifestyle will slowly begin choking their posture and well-being. Until they decide to return to the chiropractor for another care plan.

Who needs spinal curve restoration in Baton Rouge LA?

The answer is simple and objective. Anyone with less than ideal curves. Especially anyone who wants:

  • freedom from pain
  • more range of motion
  • greater vitality
  • improved posture
  • a better overall well-being

The Gambale Chair

The Gambale Chair is a full spine curve correction device.

How the chair works

The Gambale chair has a unique and simple approach to the science of curve restoration that’s been proven in the chiropractic literature.

Chiropractic Baton Rouge LA Gambale Chair

The technology uses a combination of gravity, traction, angle of forces, and two-way compression to achieve reproducible curve improvements. With the patient in a seated and reclined position, the patient can feel secure while experiencing their adjustment over time.

The technology can accommodate any configuration of the spine in order to pull the head posture backward, move the rib-cage upward, and restore optimum curvature along the length of the spine.

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