Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation Shares the American Chiropractic Associations Tips for a Healthy Spine

Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation encourages Baton Rouge chiropractic care patients to foster a healthy spine. A healthy spine is the foundation of a healthy body and key to preventing Baton Rouge back pain which is so widespread! Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation shares some healthy spine tips from the American Chiropractic Association (1,2,3,4). We can all pick up something from their healthy spine tips! Baton Rouge chiropractic patients and their Baton Rouge chiropractor at Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation work together to ensure as healthy a spine as viable.


Developing a healthy spine entails being attentive while doing daily activities. When texting (and Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation knows our Baton Rouge chiropractic clients and their families do this all the time!), Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation urges you to read through text with your eyes and/or raise your cellphone parallel with your eyes so you don’t over bend your neck.

Careful while texting to not bend your neck too much!

When lifting boxes, use your legs in order to shield your back muscles from injury. 

Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation advises lifting with your legs.

When sitting, keep your knees even with your hips, and sit as straight as possible to prevent slouching.

Baton Rouge chiropractic patients know to sit up straight!
When sleeping, lie down on your back with a pillow under the knees to lessen the pressure on your spine.

Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation recommends putting a pillow under your knees when sleeping on your back.

When standing, keep your head straight with your ears over your shoulders to keep a straight, vertical spine.

Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation recommends standing up straight.

Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation shares this quick “Healthy Back Tips” video from the American Chiropractic Association about these Baton Rouge healthy spine tips.

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Check out that video. Then schedule your next Baton Rouge chiropractic appointment with Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation. Be confident that you’ll get to know about these healthy spine tips in the course of your Baton Rouge chiropractic treatment plan dialogue! Baton Rouge chiropractic care with Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation embraces everyone’s having a healthy spine.

Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation posts healthy spine tips from the American Chiropractic Association with Baton Rouge chiropractic patients. 
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